December 2018

[three_fourth]12/6/18 – How to handle employees who ask to leave early or come in late for their kids school events[/three_fourth]

November 2018

[three_fourth]11/14/18 – How to Prepare for Employees Missing Work Due to Bad Weather[/three_fourth]

October 2018

[three_fourth]10/30/18 – What is Job Abandonment[/three_fourth]

September 2018

[three_fourth]7/18/18 – Dealing with Chronically Late Employees[/three_fourth]

July 2018

[three_fourth]7/18/18 – Can employers dock pay of exempt employees?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/11/18 – My company wants to create an internship program, what should we consider?[/three_fourth]

June 2018

[three_fourth]6/27/18 – What do I need to think about when headcount grows to the magical number 50?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/13/18 – Do meal and rest breaks need to be paid?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/6/18 – Do I have to pay my summer interns?[/three_fourth]

May 2018

[three_fourth]5/9/18 – What are the rules around paperless pay stubs?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]5/2/18 – Can I give a bad reference about a former employee?[/three_fourth]

April 2018

[three_fourth]4/18/18 – What’s the Deal with all these Salary History Bans?[/three_fourth]

March 2018

[three_fourth]3/28/18 – Top Five Considerations When Choosing HRIS Technology[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/21/18 – What is a wage and hour audit?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/14/18 – How long should a background check take?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/5/18 – Should we ask our employees to sign a Non-compete Agreement?[/three_fourth]

February 2018

[three_fourth]2/19/18 – ADA and FMLA Series: Can I ask for a doctor’s note?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/12/18 – ADA and FMLA Series: Do they both offer job protection?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]2/6/18 – ADA and FMLA Series: What are the major differences?[/three_fourth]

January 2018

[three_fourth]1/22/18 – What is constructive discharge?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/15/18 – What are stay interviews and why should I conduct them?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/9/18 – What should I consider before outsourcing my payroll function?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/5/18 – Unpredictable weather, what’s an employer to do?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]1/4/18 – Do I have to give the same amount of paid parental leave to male and female employees?[/three_fourth]

December 2017

[three_fourth]12/19/17 –  Are the Costs of Being Noncompliant Worth the Risk?[/three_fourth]

November 2017

[three_fourth]11/6/17 –  How do I handle taxes for seasonal employees?[/three_fourth]

October 2017

[three_fourth]10/30/17 –  How do we handle court-ordered wage garnishments?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/16/17 –  How do I know if my employees are misclassified?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/9/17 –  How do I avoid common Form I-9 mistakes?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/5/17 –  Top 10 things to consider before termination[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]10/2/17 –  Are employee handbooks required?[/three_fourth]

September 2017

[three_fourth]9/27/17 –  How can we increase employee engagement at our organization?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/25/17 –  We suspect our employee is abusing their FMLA leave, what should we do?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/20/17 –  What should I know about hiring independent contractors?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/18/17 –  I’m concerned our managers may be making mistakes that could land us in a lawsuit. [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]9/13/17 – Do I have to offer paid time off to my employees? [/three_fourth]

August 2017

[three_fourth]8/28/17 – Is it okay to terminate an employee on FMLA leave? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/23/17 – My employee personnel files are a mess and I don’t know what I can toss and what to keep. [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/21/17 – What do I need to know about the new pay equity laws? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/9/17 – How do we ensure we’re paying competitive salaries? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]8/7/17 – Can we pay our employees semi-monthly? [/three_fourth]

July 2017

[three_fourth]7/31/17 – What should our company know about the EEOC rules? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/24/17 – Does my company need a formal written Affirmative Action Plan? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/17/17 – Should we conduct an HR Assessment? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/14/17 – How do I better inform my employees of their benefits? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]7/10/17 – Does being on FMLA-protected leave excuse poor performance? [/three_fourth]

June 2017

[three_fourth]6/26/17 – Can business owners put the kibosh on political discussions at work? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/19/17 – Summer Series – Should I offer my employees a flexible summer schedule? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/12/17 – Summer Series – How do I implement a summer dress code policy? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]6/5/17 – Summer Series – Do I have to pay my summer interns? [/three_fourth]

April 2017

[three_fourth]4/11/17 – What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? [/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]4/6/17 – What are the new OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements? [/three_fourth]

March 2017

[three_fourth]3/28/17 – What are Health Savings Accounts?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/21/17 – Do I need to offer my former employee COBRA?[/three_fourth]
[three_fourth]3/14/17 – What is Job Abandonment? [/three_fourth]