Professional Employer Organization ConnecticutFor all of the benefits and none of the downsides that come from hiring a PEO, Connecticut organizations can turn to HR Knowledge. We are a great alternative to (PEO’s) professional employer organizations, because of our unique approach to providing professional employer services. Like a professional employer, Connecticut business owners can count on HR Knowledge to deliver a variety of HR services including payroll and benefits, however, unlike a PEO, Connecticut business owners do not have to relinquish control of their employees. That means we allow our clients to make all of their hiring and terminating decisions, as well as to choose what benefits they want to provide.

We are a Top Professional Employer in Connecticut

HR Knowledge takes a hybrid approach to the services offered by a PEO. Connecticut businesses can use our company to manage employee matters effectively, without turning over the ability to make decisions about hiring or firing. When you turn to HR Knowledge as your top choice out of all other professional employer organizations in Connecticut, you will receive all of the beneficial solutions offered by a PEO for a fraction of the price. From comprehensive HR consultations and HR best practices, to a wide array of HR services and solutions, our team of experienced professionals is always ready to go above and beyond for our clients. That’s why when they need a professional employer, Connecticut businesses can trust HR Knowledge is the company to call.

Professional Employer Organizations Connecticut Businesses Can Trust

HR Knowledge is known amongst our clients for always providing concierge-level service. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are fully covered in terms of HR services. From benefits and payroll, to compliances and laws, we will go to work for you as your professional employer. Connecticut businesses can rely on HR Knowledge to help relieve the time consuming burden of employee management, without adding the stress of relinquishing control of their employees. Other professional employer organizations Connecticut businesses might turn to require full control over all employee personnel, including hiring and terminating decisions. That’s why for a full service PEO, Connecticut businesses needn’t look any further than the professionals at HR Knowledge.

Reliable HR Services Provided by a Hybrid PEO in Connecticut

Here at HR Knowledge, our management team offers reliable HR services that could only be provided by a professional employer. Connecticut business leaders can trust that we offer these services without the burdensome strings that other professional employer organizations in Connecticut might require. To learn more about how we help you to streamline and successfully manage your workforce, contact us online, or give us a call today at (508) 339-1300. The PEO Connecticut business owners can rely on is waiting to hear from you at HR Knowledge.