Recruiter ConnecticutWhen they need a recruiter, Connecticut business owners can turn to HR Knowledge. We are a highly sought out administrative services organization (ASO) that provides reliable, affordable recruiting services to organizations throughout the Northeast. We specialize in providing HR solutions to private and charter schools, high tech companies, non-profits, and small to medium sized businesses. Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined experience, and are proud to provide a level of job recruiting Connecticut businesses can count on. We get to know our clients so that we can offer top staffing agency services designed to help them find and place the right candidates for their open positions.

We Are Experts at Job Recruiting in Connecticut and Beyond

When it comes to recruiting Connecticut business owners can trust that HR Knowledge will provide the best outcomes for their new hires. We take the time to understand how our clients’ businesses work, and the type of employees they need to not only contribute positively to their cultures, but also to their bottom lines. We are so much more than a staffing agency. Connecticut businesses can rely on our recruiter Connecticut services for all of their hiring needs, and can also turn to us when they need to outsource any or all of their HR responsibilities. When you turn to HR Knowledge for job recruiting in Connecticut, you can trust that our process will help to deliver the top candidates available for your company.

Top-Notch Job Recruiting Connecticut Services

When it comes to our recruiting Connecticut services, our clients know that we provide fully comprehensive procedures and protocols intended to help find and place the right individuals. When you call on HR Knowledge for a reliable recruiter in Connecticut, you can trust that we will get to work for you right away. Our team is committed to expediting and streamlining the employee search process so that our clients can save time and energy on hiring open positions. We will help you to create an accurate job description, and to post it on the appropriate platforms, where we know your target employees are searching. From there, we will help to screen resumes and applications, selecting the most qualified individuals to bring in for first round interviews. Once we have narrowed down the search to a handful of promising candidates, we will hand over the interviewing process to you and your leadership team, ensuring you have the final say in who your company chooses to bring onboard.

For Reliable Recruiting Connecticut Business Owners Call HR Knowledge

When it comes to job recruiting, Connecticut business owners can count on HR Knowledge time and time again. We are happy to meet with new organizations looking for effective, reliable job recruiting services. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today, online or by phone at (508) 339-1300, to inquire about our reliable job recruiter Connecticut experts. Remember, when it comes to hiring a professional recruiter, Connecticut business owners can always rely on HR Knowledge and our concierge-level service.

Why We’re the Recruiter Connecticut Trusts

We understand you are great at running your company. Recruiting talent is necessary but time consuming. We are masters of the recruiting process and can relieve you of the recruiting burden. We manage the recruiting process to handle the challenging and time-consuming tasks and to find the right people to fill key positions at your company.

What We Do As The Recruiter Connecticut Companies Utilize

As the recruiter Connecticut companies turn to, we will take our time to understand the needs and culture of your organization. Then we’ll craft a comprehensive job description and post the opportunity in appropriate media outlets. We don’t stop there when it comes to recruiting Connecticut talent. We’ll sort through the applications, confirm CV or resume accurateness and screen candidates to distill the pool to those who truly would be a great fit for your organization. Finally, we present you with a short list of 3 – 8 applicants for your final review. We appreciate that your strength is your team. That’s why we’ll diligently strive to identify qualified candidates on your behalf.

Why Stop At Recruiting Connecticut Talent?

On top of being the recruiter Connecticut companies trust, HR Knowledge can also help your new hires become acclimated to your company and get to work quickly with our New Hire Kits. We don’t just work on recruiting Connecticut talent. An efficient onboarding process gives new employees a positive first impression, which helps foster a positive work experience. The onboarding process includes sharing workplace policies and educating new employees about their insurance benefits – all of which are included in HR Knowledge’s New Hire Kit. Sample components of the New Hire Kit include: welcome letter, benefit summaries and enrollment forms, tax forms and direct deposit enrollment. In addition to our standard New Hire Kit, we can also assemble custom kits that include key documents such as your company’s drug policy, employee handbook and safety policy. HR Knowledge can also provide Open Enrollment Packages to assist with making the Open Enrollment Process a positive learning experience for the employee.

Who We Are

HR Knowledge, Inc. is an administrative services organization (ASO) that provides clients with integrated, affordable HR services including payroll, employee benefits, and human resources management. Supported by our signature “concierge client service,” we serve clients that lack the internal resources to address the vast array of complex HR issues, including, among others, small- to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, charter and private schools, and high tech companies. By partnering with us, your organization is able to better control capital costs, minimize legal risk, and operate more efficiently.

Headquartered in southeastern Massachusetts, HR Knowledge is ideally situated to cater to small- to mid-sized businesses in the Northeast.

An Experienced Team

Our HR Management Team has more than 100 years of combined experience and can provide you with expert guidance in HR management, Group Benefits Brokerage, Payroll Processing and Managed Services, Financial Services and Recruiting and Hiring Process Management (HPM).

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