MTRS Overview

The Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System is a contributory retirement system governed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s retirement law. The MTRS provides meaningful retirement, disability and survivor benefits to Massachusetts teachers, administrators and their families. It operates as a qualified plan under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

You are required to contribute a set percentage of your salary and, if applicable, an additional 2% on any salary over $30,000 through regular payroll deductions. Most participants contribute 11%, but your contribution rate is established by the Commonwealth’s retirement law and is determined by the date on which you first became eligible for membership in a Massachusetts contributory retirement system.

Contact the MTRS at 617-679-6890 OR

How to enroll in MTRS

If you have not yet established an online MyTRS account, you will need to create one. On the MyTRS sign in page, click New to MyTRS? Create an account and, using your Social Security number and MTRS number, create your self-service account.  To create an account for MyTRS Member Self Service enter your Social Security Number and the Member Number. Your member number (also referred to as ‘MTRS Number’) may be found on your most recent correspondence from the MTRS including the 1099R, Annual Statement Assignment Sheet or if you are new to the school, your business office can provide you with your Member Number after they have registered you in the system.

  1. Using your MyTRS username and password, sign in to your account.
  2. On your home page, under the heading My Online Tools, click the first link, Enroll in the MTRS, and follow the instructions.

Once you are logged into your account, complete steps 1-4:

  1. Provide your personal information
  2. Review and confirm your employment information
  3. Provide your history with all OTHER Massachusetts public retirement systems, if any
  4. Summary. Please review the information you provided for accuracy and click on the Submit button. If changes are needed please click on: “previous” and repeat steps 1-3 of the MTRS Enrollment Process.

Once your enrollment is completed:

Return your printed MTRS enrollment confirmation form to your school payroll official as soon as possible; so that your employer may process your MTRS payroll deductions and the MTRS may maintain your retirement account.

Register today by clicking the link below and following the instructions

MTRS 101 Recording

Click the following link to view our MTRS 101 Recording